Goods Lifts

As part of your new mezzanine floor or to add to an existing floor, CSL can add a stand alone goods lift for most applications.  

The different lift styles available include:

  • Pallet lifts - goods only (250kg - 2000kg)
  • Attended Pallet lifts - goods and personnel (max approx. 2000kg)

The different lift types can be installed at the existing floor level or into a specially constructed pit allowing for easy and level access. Most lift types will reach heights of upto 15-20m.

Moving products between floor height can be a slow and potentially dangerous operation, installing a goods lift or a multi-floor conveyor system reduces health and safety issues while also saving time and money.

The CSL range of goods lifts will suit most buildings, mezzanines and requirements.

Attended Pallet Lifts

These bespoke lifts can be tailor made with various configurations feeding multiple floors. The feature a fully cladded shaft free design accessible via finished floor level (pit required) or via an access ramp. These units are fully compliant with the machinery directive.

Pallet Lifts (goods only)

These customisable lifts can be designed to suit a variety of applications featuring either a hydraulic or electrical drive system. These self supporting (no lift shaft required) fully clad lifts can be fitted with either sliding or hinged doors.